Meticulously crafted with attention
to detail

Natural Cashmere Fabrics

Our natural fibres are procured from the high-land goats (Capra hircus laniger) of the Changthang valley in Ladakh at 15,800 feet above sea level. Our Cashmere goats are free-range and graze on the most natural organic vegetation of the Himalayan mountains.

By choosing us, you consciously support our efforts to help the Changpa tribe, weaving community, and the natural rearing of cashmere goats thrive sustainably.

Cashmere and Silk Blend

Quality Blend

Our artisanal cashmere and silk blend is crafted in the finest organic cashmere and mulberry silk. It is very suitable for the specific purpose of creating custom-made garments, including suits, jackets, and overcoats.

Cashmere Blankets

Hand woven

Our ultra-luxurious cashmere blanket provides an experience with the epitome of coziness that only cashmere can render, ensuring it remains a treasured piece for years to come.

Cashmere Fabric

Natural fibres

Our cashmere fabric is characterised by its exceptional quality and luxurious nature, providing a heightened sense of comfort that is unique.